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Burn My Bible

I was bouncing around the Internet and I came across a poll that contained the question, "Should someone apologize to you if they burn your Bible?"

First of all, it's not my Bible. It's God's, I just read and use it. If you burn it, you aren't doing anything to me. If you burn me with it I still come out great. God's Bible tells me what to do to be with Him when I leave this earth, which I'm going to do some day anyway. Dying in my sleep or dying in flames, the method of my departure will make little difference in eternity.

The Bible burner's problem is not with me. His actions aren't against me, they are against God. I'll let God deal with it. Be assured, God will deal with it.

If you burn my Bible I'll use what I have stored in my head until I get another Bible. Getting another Bible won't be that big a deal because there is another evidence of God's existence - the more you try to destroy the Bible, the more plentiful it becomes.

Many of the US prisoners held by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam war were totally deprived of Bibles yet managed to produce and hide surprisingly accurate large portions of scripture.

People have tried to destroy the Bible in numerous ways since it appeared and through it all the Bible has become far and away the most widely published and distributed work in history. No other publication on earth comes close to the number of the Bible published each year.

The Bible will never cease to exist. You can't burn it, outlaw it or do anything to destroy it. Only fools try.

God deals with fools.

Here's God's plan for the wise...

If we can be of help in any way, please call on us any time.

Marv Walker
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