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Why Do You Go To
The Church You Go To?

People attend the church they attend for a number of reasons...

Some grow up in a church and they keep going there because they are comfortable and know everyone.

Some attend a church because they have an investment in the church. They may have taught Bible study, contributed heavily and and even may be considered a pillar and the "go to" person of the church in church matters.

Some may attend because friends or neighbors go there.

Some may attend because it is the only church in town.

Some attend because it's a "happening place." There is always something exciting going on and the parking lot is always full. It's "the" church to go to and anyone who is anyone goes there.

Some attend a church because it oozes "holiness." Maybe it's magnificent, glittering, larger than life buildings or the finely orchestrated and carefully outfitted religious rituals.

There are all kinds of reasons as to why one attends a particular church.

Here is a reason I hardly ever hear from folks: "Because it is focused on following the Bible."

Doesn't that seem strange? Going to a church for every reason under the sun other than it focuses on following the Bible?

Here's something that is even stranger...

We all assume the church we attend follows the Bible. But does it?

One of the easiest and fastest places to begin to see if a church is following the Bible is its founding date and whose teaching is followed.

If the church we attend was founded at anytime after the first century, it is not following the Bible. The Bible says the church was in existence in the first century. (Acts 2:47)

If the church we attend follows the teachings of Luther, Calvin, Rutherford, Joseph Smith, Wesley or any other man, it is not following the Bible, it is following the teaching of men. The church of the Bible follows the teachings of Christ, not men. (Matthew 15:9, Mark 7:7, Colossians 2:22)

If the church we attend goes beyond what the Word of God says, or takes away from what the Word of God says, it is not following the Bible. (2 John 1:9, Revelation 22:18-19)

Here's what the church of Bible teaches the lost...

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