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The difference between
“Calling on the name of the Lord”
and the “Sinner’s Prayer” salvation

Many people teach that saying the “Sinner’s Prayer” or some version of it is “calling on the name of the Lord.” They tell you to sincerely say a simple prayer and you are saved from the wrath of God. Romans 1:18

There is a major problem with relying on the Sinner’s Prayer for your salvation. There is no example in scripture of anyone being saved by any version or form of the Sinner’s Prayer after Jesus went to the cross.

There are, however, clear examples of “calling on the name of the Lord” in the Bible.

In Acts 2:16 Peter tells his audience the “calling on the name of the Lord” for salvation prophecy of Joel 2:28-31 has come true on that day.

Then he continues on and tells them what the process of “calling on the name of the Lord” involves. (1.) He convicted them of sin. (2.) They asked how to make things right. (3.) Peter answered, to change your way of thinking and (4.) be baptized for the “remission of sins.”

Acts 2 continues on telling how many believed, and what (5.) they did in response to Peter’s words, and finishes out with verse 47, “And (6.) the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2 is an example of calling on the name of the Lord and its result.

In Romans 10:13, Paul sums up the same process he covered in the first 8 chapters. In Acts 22, Paul himself says how he “called on the name of the Lord” and what it involved- baptism for the remission of sins.

Relying on some form of the Sinner’s Prayer for your salvation is not in keeping with the Bible’s “calling on the name of Lord.” Doing so is falling short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

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